About - susan's tart shop

Susan's Tart Shop is a friend and family-owned pastry shop baking out of Shed 5 at Eastern Market.  We specialize in making elegant, single-portioned tarts; pecan, lemon, cocoa and seasonal favorites.

Why a Tart?

It's all in the proportion.  With each bite there is the perfect amount of crust to filling ratio.  When eating a tart, with every bite you get your share of crust.
It's all in the single portion.  Each tart is a three to four bite serving, the perfect amount of dessert for one.
This single-portionality of the tart makes it ideal to serve when people come together.

Why our Shop?

We are committed to our partnerships with local farmers and sources of raw goods.  It is a privilege to be in the food scene in Michigan these days, we have access to so much, people are doing really exciting things.  We are driven by this.

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