Sue’s Crew, planning your next event;-)

Sue’s Crew, planning your next event;-)

Our Roots

My mother made Pecan Tarts every Christmas, but she only made 2 dozen per year. 1 dozen was for my Grandma Billie and the other for everyone else.  My mom was a working mom and did not enjoy teaching me to cook or bake but would give me any recipes I wanted.

 When I married at the age of 22 I decided that I wanted to use the tarts to give as gifts to others on my Christmas list.   On my first married Christmas Eve my husband and his best friend, Vince, were spending it together and it was decided the three of us would spend the night making tarts.  We each took a part of the preparation, Vince mixed the dough with clean hands, and by the end of the night we had enough for Vince's family, my new in-laws (my husband had 

8 siblings) and enough for my mom's Christmas celebration.  I also gave them to many friends  and their families throughout the years. My friends and family encouraged me to share my tarts with Detroit! I wanted to start a business; I wanted to leave a legacy. In 2016, Susan’s Tart Shop was born!